ARPtrade Review – All You Need To Know Plus Safety Tips

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Even without transparent ownership details, you can see that this broker is hiding something. Allegedly, they are an award-winning broker from the Netherlands.

However, many signs are leading towards the fact they are anything but legit. To understand better why, read our honest ARPtrade review carefully.

Considering their address in the Netherlands, it’s easy to determine their legitimacy. You just have to look in the AFM register and see if the broker is licensed. However, there were no results found. Yet, we didn’t lose hope since this is a European broker.

Practically, this broker is giving all the reasons to avoid them. But if they have already stolen your money, contact our refund team for assistance.

Even without ARPtrade login credentials, you can check their platform. Very easily, you recognize a web-based one with limited functionalities. But the key fact is that such platforms are easily manipulated. In general, that’s their biggest advantage.

Inexperienced traders believe blindly in what they see, and swindlers can easily extort more money from them. If you were one of their victims, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for help.

As mentioned, the company offers suspicious web trader. An additional option is UTIP algotrading software. But none of these are trusted like MetaTrader or cTrader, especially when the broker is not regulated.

Their web trader is only accessible via browser. This makes their trading features less favorable for mobile traders. Generally speaking, mobile apps provide much higher security standards but also trading efficiency.

With ARPtrade broker, you can choose the top 5 trading categories. However, they might have their costs, way higher compared to other brokers. In any case, a few options are: 

In general, ARPtrade doesn’t give you any significant benefits with higher deposits. Of course, the more you deposit, the more they are dedicated to you. But if the broker makes money from your deposit, you know what to expect. In any case, the choices are: 

The company advertises gold, VIP, and prime spreads. But those are all manipulating tricks. On top of that, the company claims not to have any commissions. However, legitimate and licensed brokers make money that way.

After all, one of the biggest scam warning signs is their leverage of up to 1:500. Bear in mind that all trusted European regulations allow you to have a maximum of 1:30.

What limits ARPtrade withdrawals is their bonus policy. They can give you up to a 100% welcome bonus. But to withdraw anything, you need to meet the minimum trading volume. This one is standard, 30 times higher than the deposit amount plus bonus.

The processing time with an ARPtrade scam broker is between 2-5 business days. However, you can expect additional fees, which the ARPtrade app doesn’t reveal. Therefore, there is plenty of room for manipulation.

As you can see, reporting a broker to a regulator can help. But in the end, you are here because you want your money back. To be honest, we are in the perfect spot because our specialists can give you the first consultation completely free.

Get in touch now to find out what are your refund options. You can start yours already today! Book yours before it’s too late!

Absolutely not. ARPtrade broker is not licensed by any authority and on top of that, FCA issued a warning against them.

The minimum deposit requirement is a standard 250 EUR. But for a broker without a license that’s not acceptable.

The company provides information about assets from the top 5 classes like forex, commodities, indices, shares and cryptos.

Most likely forever. Even though they claim up to 5 business days. But if you have withdrawal problems, contact our chargeback specialists immediately for advice.

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