Appdinero Review: Why We Believe That Appdinero Is Dangerous

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Appdinero is a shady investment scam, operated by an alleged Maltese company. The Spanish regulator exposed this scam three years ago but it seems that the bogus website is still active.

Is Appdinero legit? We say no but it’s also necessary to provide valid evidence to support that claim. Let’s start by analyzing the Appdinero license, the alleged one, that is.

Since the CNMV implements the rules and regulations of the European Securities and Markets Authority, in force in the EEA zone, it means that Appdinero is not authorized to offer services on the old continent. Therefore, you should avoid this platform at all costs!

Instead, find a licensed provider that’s regulated by a renowned financial market authority such as the FCA, for instance. Other reputable regulators include the CFTC & NFA (US), BaFin (Germany), IIROC (Canada), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), MAS (Singapore), etc.  

We’re not going deeper into it but there is one misinformation on that website worth mentioning. Namely, the company claims to have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot but in reality, Appdinero doesn’t even have a page on that forum. Take all the reviews with a grain of salt because we’d much rather trust the warning from the Spanish CNMV…

If you’re a victim of the Appdinero scam, you can book a free consultation with us and tell us more about your case.

As we already stressed, the Spanish CNMV issued a warning against the Appdinero scam in 2020. We must urge the regulators from the rest of the countries on our list to do the same. If you have any useful info about this scam, please share it with us. It would be of tremendous help. 

Instead of obtaining a license for a world-class trading platform, Appdeniro decided to offer traders a web-based trading platform. This platform is fairly simple, making it suitable for beginners but not advanced traders. Even novices ought to outgrow the platform quickly.

According to Appdinero’s website, the platform features the following classes of tradeable instruments:

Appdinero did not reveal any information about the trading conditions. Traders do not know how high they can set the leverage, or how wide or tight the spreads are. All the website disclosed was the commission of 2% per trade. Such a lack of transparency is annoying. 

Appdinero problems are guaranteed. This platform is not regulated, meaning that all your funds can easily disappear under suspicious circumstances.

For that reason, we recommend you seek out professional help in choosing the right provider for you. We can help you there.

When it comes to the Appdinero withdraw process, the company listed several payment methods that are acceptable:

The minimum deposit requirement is 250 USD. Appdinero claims that there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Zero fees seem like a nice perk but we highly advise you not to get fooled by it. Withdrawal issues are inevitable with unregulated providers such as Appdinero.

We must note here that credit/debit card transactions can be reversed via a chargeback, which can be requested at the issuing bank within 540 days of the transaction. The same process for wires is known as a recall but it can only work if the transaction hasn’t gone through yet. 

To sum up, Appdinero is a shady investment scam claiming to offer legitimate services. This scam was exposed by the Spanish regulator, the CNMV. The main targets of this scam are traders from Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Denmark, and Mexico.

If you fell victim to this scam, contact us for help. We can assist you with the chargeback or recall process if you’ve deposited funds via credit/debit cards or wires. It’s important that you act quickly and not waste any time.

Let us know if Appdinero scammed you.

No. This fraudulent platform was blacklisted by the Spanish CNMV back in 2020 for not having a license to operate.

Appdinero offers a lackluster web-based trading platform that includes popular trading assets such as Forex pairs and CFDs.

No. Appdinero is not regulated, meaning that the company can embezzle your funds and disappear without a trace, leaving you with no compensation.

No. Do not invest in this illicit platform. If you already have, please contact us for help. We can help you recover your funds.

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