Apex376partners Review – Smooth Talking Swindlers Steal Millions

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In a short matter of time, Apex376partners has managed to steal from thousands of investors. This activity has quickly prompted the SEC to place them on a warning list. Although the firm claims to be operating with transparency in mind, it’s virtually impossible to find any tangible data.

Stay with our Apex376partners review to learn more about the dangers of unregulated investment firms.

Besides managed investments, Apex376partners offers services of wealth management and financial planning. Naturally, they would need a license to manipulate other people’s funds and they do not have it. 

Now this blacklisted entity is operating without an authorization and putting the clients’ funds in danger of misuse and thievery. 

If the newfound victims do deposit some assets, the agents will keep asking for more. Apex376partners doesn’t easily let go of the stolen money, so contact our chargeback experts for assistance with recovery.

The apex376partners.com website has not been around for a long time, as it was only launched in 2022. Since the swindlers claim to be operating from the US, it didn’t take long for the SEC to place them on the blacklist.

Many of the Apex376partners victims live in these areas:

Even after being promised ridiculously high returns from their revolutionary platform, the Apex376partner users cannot even get a glimpse of the software. After creating an Apex376partner account, you will get access to the user area, but that isn’t where the platform is located, either. 

The firm doesn’t allow you to even preview it, which raises the doubts about the said platform’s whole existence in the first place. 

Out of the standard instrument classes, Apex376partner only offers blockchain managed investments that deal with crypto. Besides that, typical key sectors to invest in are roads, power and utilities, renewables, water, smart cities blockchain and healthcare. 

The investment services in these spheres also include financial planning, that could allegedly engage experts from different fields. It all sounds nice on paper, but the fact that they’re blacklisted means that the site doesn’t necessarily provide these services at all.

The investment plans at Apex376partner cover several different options:

Apex376partner claims to have “no complex or hidden fee structure”, but that’s what all the other fraudsters, including Investzo do. In addition, the company says that they have full transparency, but they never bother to say anything about fees or commissions on their website.

It is unknown, thus, how much Apex376partner charges for deposits, account maintenance, withdrawal, or any other aspect of investment for that manner.

The affiliate compensation plan runs five levels deep starting with 5% commission for the first level referrals. Every other level brings a lower percentage of commission. However, there’s also something called Team commission which is based on the affiliate networks of your own referrals. Pretty much how an MLM scheme works.

A separate policy that should thoroughly explain the Apex376partner withdrawals doesn’t exist on the website. Instead, you only have some shallow information found in the user area. Here, it is only defined that the payout processing time is 24 hours.

Apex376partner is one of many unreliable investment firms that falsely claims to be regulated. In truth, they are not only unregulated, but placed on the SEC blacklist for their fraudulent behavior. The company obscures much of the necessary information, and lies about the rest.

Your assets are not safe with Apex376partner! Contact our legal professionals through the live chat, and book a free consultation today. Don’t waste any time- the more you wait, the less of a chance you have at recovery.

This is the owning firm of Apex376partner website that is a fraudulent entity introducing itself as an investment firm.

The website offers various investment services from stable income to financial planning and fund management.

No, the US SEC has blacklisted them as a financial swindler that isn’t licensed to perform the services they sell. If you’ve already invested here, make sure to contact us for help with withdrawals.

The website features Live chat, phone number, online form and an email as a means of contact.

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