Amtop Markets LTD Review – UK Broker With Many Irregularities

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Amtop Markets broker is one of those not hesitating to do anything for its goal. With statements about trusted regulations and yet poor website, it’s quite interesting for research. Thus, not a challenging one because it’s an obvious scam.

Therefore, all the statements of Amtop Markets LTD scam broker become questionable. Primarily, the security of the funds.

In the first place, the company is trying to make itself legit with Amtop Markets LTD fake license. Consequently, they are offering highly reliable MT5 trading software. But everything starts with false advertisements.

The company is selling fairy tales about quick money. Once traders leave their contact details the harassment starts. Therefore, just watch how long it will take before they vanish completely. Especially after a warning from the FCA. But if you invest money with this broker, contact us immediately for refund assistance.

Considering their scamming activities, it’s quite strange they are targeting highly regulated countries. Yet, those are often with the richest clients. Some of those are: 

According to the company, there is an Amtop Markets LTD MT5 platform available. Yet, the company doesn’t offer download options through verified channels. Instead, it’s a shady file on their website that redirects you to third-party providers.

The same thing offered for the desktop app, values for mobile apps as well. Both Android and iOS versions are downloadable from external websites. Thus, the size of a file doesn’t match the one on the official PlayStore. Thus, without a demo account, we wouldn’t risk our details being exposed to the scammer.

In general, the company claims to offer all 5 instrument classes. Yet, without transparent insight into the platform, it’s hard to confirm that. However, after all their bogus lies we shouldn’t trust anything this broker states.

As a matter of fact, the company doesn’t offer any account types. They don’t even share the minimum deposit requirement. Which would be quite strange for FCA regulated broker. Oh yes, they are not.

As mentioned earlier, the company doesn’t offer transparent insight into the platform. Again, these irregularities are rarely seen with Tier 1 licensed brokers. For that reason, you should forget about this swindler as soon as possible.

Another key warning sign is their conditions. In the first place, leverage. UK and EU brokers are allowed to provide maximum 1:30 leverage. But this one offers 1:500 which clearly tells you they are a scam!

On top of that, the company doesn’t have other trading costs transparent. Same works for Amtop Markets LTD contact options.

Apparently no. But it shouldn’t surprise you if this broker offers you a special offer just to get you on board. Be careful because those bonuses often come with clauses that prevent you from withdrawing the funds. Generally speaking, another signature of missing Amtop Markets LTD regulation.

Definitely not. The company is shamelessly lying about many things on its website. Therefore, you can’t expect anything honest from them. Especially not to send you your money back. Primarily because the money on the platform is completely fictive and you are sending money straight to their pockets.

As you can see, reporting a broker to a Tier 1 regulator always works. Yet, many traders are left without their hard-earned money. For that, you should talk to professionals for additional options. The primary one is always a chargeback. But in some specific cases, you have to use alternative methods.

Luckily, technology is developed on a very high level and even cryptos are not the issue anymore. To find out how to get your money back, contact our team and book your consultation.

Amtop Markets LTD is allegedly a UK broker that operates since 2022 without authorization.

The company offers FX and CFD trading services on shady trading platform and without transparent conditions.

No. The company is not regulated and there is also a warning from the FCA against them.

Either you file a chargeback or use alternative options like CipherTrace. To get more details, contact our refund team now!

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