AMGEX Review – New Crypto Fraud In The Muddy Waters Of Online Scams

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Encounters with companies as anonymous as AMGEX just don’t happen every day. All our tries to dig up anything on this sham were completely futile. The owning company – AMGEX Global Pro Station just doesn’t exist online or in any records available. 

Their offer covers crypto buying, trading, staking and mining. AMGEX speaks of their service as an ultimate way to get rich in no time effortlessly. Let’s deal with the facts here and expose this fraud to the bone. Read the following AMGEX review for all the warning signs this scam manifests.   

AMGEX allegedly operates from a number of offices across the world. Some of the mentioned ones are offices in the US, Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong. 

So, since the site doesn’t mention a single other location of their headquarters, these countries are where we searched for the AMGEX registration first. 

As you can already assume, the company is a ghost entity that doesn’t appear in a single register of regulated entities. We first searched CFTC, MAS, SFC and then also FCA, CONSOB, BaFin, and ASIC. 

All these regulators issue prestigious, most desirable licenses and are pretty strict. AMGEX would have no space to perform fraudulent activities they do if they were supervised. 

No matter how obvious a scam sometimes is, not everyone can spot them easily. By this we usually refer to novice crypto investors that are far more enthusiastic than regular traders and are, therefore, more subject to the poisonous influence of swindlers. 

The latter sell their services which are advertised as an ultimate and incomparably easy way to get rich without any real effort or significant investment. 

That is how AMGEX collects deposits and investments, while feeding their victims lies on a fake playground that their bogus platform is. You can guess the final outcome and how shocked the victims must be when they learn about the scam and how all their money and time have been wasted.

Worry not though, we provide help in such situations, so chat us up and lets discuss the alternatives.  

From the victims statistics, we could perhaps speculate on the scam focusing on Asian traders. However, further research has quickly debunked these assumptions. Take a look at the real state of things and what countries count the most cases of AMGEX scam:

Bear in mind that unregulated investment firms are also as dangerous as unlicensed crypto platforms – Investing Haven being just one of them.

Trading crypto currencies against USDT is provided through a simple web software. Nothing this terminal offers could possibly have us label it as reliable or distinguishable from other scam platforms. 

The functionality is highly questionable and the lack of complex features is painfully obvious. If you’re still wondering if making profit here is possible, let us immediately remove all doubts and say – No, it is not.

AMGEX apparently offers some sort of software. Its true nature or purpose is unidentifiable, though. If you click any of the links leading to Apple or Google store, a suspicious download process will instantly commence. 

We recommend you to skip that. Or else your browser will stop it. Either way, refrain from downloading suspicious files such as this!

We find nothing wrong in focusing on crypto trading or exchange. But if a platform promises a rich portfolio and makes claims about providing all the more popular and more exotic digital coins, they should do so. 

AMGEX has but a dozen crypto tokens to offer and nothing else: BTC, ETH, DOT, XRP, LINK, BCH, LTC, ADA, EOS, TRX, XMR, DASH and just a few others.

As unclear as AMGEX is on the account types they offer, we can safely assume there’s a single one – live trading account and none other. The AMGEX account is easily opened, but the client zone doesn’t offer unlocking any other account type.

We’re quite sure this is the only package available, and that account itself doesn’t reveal all the benefits or features it provides. Neither is it known what the minimum deposit is. 

Further investigation reveals that every registered account is treated as a Demo until real cash is deposited to it. Which is funny, because you don’t get a virtual amount of funds to test-trade – you have to deposit real cash to buy that Demo account! 

The AMGEX support center has scarce info about this feature, saying that Demo accounts have limited functionality and there’s no mining available. 

The leverage on crypto/USDT pairs can be selected from the platform and it goes up to 1:200, which is absolutely insane. 

Once again, we remind you that the UK has limited crypto leverage to 1:2, while it is no more than 1:5 in the US – and for a reason! The potential gain is just not worth taking the extreme risk.

Fees are not properly revealed or discussed anywhere on the entire platform. The terminal says 0 in the Fee category so we could not find out any of the values. Legal docs are absent.

As it is usually expected with these faulty crypto platforms, withdrawals are the biggest problems the customers face. AMGEX  is not a regulated site, so they operate illegally. Legislation would otherwise bind them to be transparent, offer many funding options and be clear on the withdrawal conditions. 

The AMGEX scam is shady, dishonest and doesn’t reveal any of the relevant info to their users. We’d not be surprised if withdrawals were full of obstacles, denials, issues and excuses so you don’t see your investment back ever again.

Although falling victim to scam can be quite stressful, we assure you, every such problem has a solution. Our legal experts team works on such seemingly unsolvable situations and helps you restore what was stolen from you. Please contact us promptly if you’re facing an AMGEX issue and we’ll book your free consultation. 

No, this is a scam crypto platform that only focuses on defrauding traders.

The site supposedly offers buying crypto, exchanging, trading and mining.

No, investing here is futile and all your capital will only end up as scammer’s pocket money.

AMGEX doesn’t provide the proper funds safety as regulation would otherwise obligate them to. We solve problems caused by such anonymous firms, so feel free to contact us.

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