AlterCrystal Review: Easily Leading Your Investment Into Loss

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AlterCrystal is an unregulated exchange with suspicious background and not much to offer in general. Their web of lies is built upon false statements about their exceptional success and engagement in crypto services. Supposedly located in Australia, their office doesn’t virtually exist. However, their legal docs point at another court being in charge in case of disputes – the one in Malta. 

The dubious firm nonetheless presents itself as a powerful platform that empowers investors and supports institutions in terms of crypto investment solutions. What really lies behind the polished surface is what we present in this AlterCrystal review. 

AlterCrystal is an incognito company, run by a fully anonymous leadership team or a one-man-firm, no one knows. Their alleged office is located in Australia but this crypto exchange doesn’t appear to be regulated by the jurisdictional authority – ASIC. The regulator keeps their online database of regulated entities so it was not hard to go through and see the search results coming back with nothing about this dubious firm. 

Going through the legal docs and looking for alternative hints, we found the court of Malta to be listed as the institution in charge of solving disputes. MFSA is the leading regulator in this state and they neither have any intel of AlterCrystal. 

Unregulated in either jurisdiction, we could already assume that the firm doesn’t own any kind of license. Staying true to our methods, we still went through a couple more databases (FCA, CYSEC, CONSOB, CNMV). Despite our search efforts, AlterCrystal proved to be unknown to any regulator with Tier 1 licensing rules for all financial services providers. 

Since this questionable website appears unsupervised by any authority, it is evident that they do not respect the legal directives around the customer protection and funds security. Despite the efforts of AlterCrystal to convince us they’re safe and fully dedicated to transparent and lucrative investing, we doubt any of it to be true. Their lacking website doesn’t initiate a feeling of trust. 

There are only a few of the personal reviews when it comes to Altercrystal. The victims of this scam were very vocal about their bad experience. Just take a look at what some of these folks have to say:

“ Classical tiktok crypto scamming website. They try to promote their “airdrop” promocodes but they want 500$ first before they let you withraw your money. They will never even send you the money so i am warning any kids that are willing to try to get money via this site. […] “

“ […] You cannot add less than 150$ on any curency. And to verified your account you need to add this money. Than he gets the money and you get -150€ money that you work hard to make it. Just i wish this scamers all bad karma in the world. “

In the case you have already invested money with Altercrystal, you should consider seeking advice from a legal professional. Luckily, our recovery experts are on hand to help you with recovery.

The Altercrystal Scam is based on TikTok viral marketing. This is an ideal way to reach a large audience with little to no financial costs. People would see the advertisement, and get in touch with the company. Little do they know is that a Boiler Room Agent would answer the call, ready to pounce on their victim. In addition to that, AlterCrystal relies on a referral system to attract new clients.

AlterCrystal presents a significant risk to anybody who has deposited their funds with the platform. In the case you’ve transferred any funds to the AlterCrystal Scam, we advise you to contact our legal experts and start a chargeback process in as short a time as possible.

Because of the very small online presence, we were unable to find much relevant information about Altercrystal. Imagine our surprise when we found out that this fraud has been in business since 2020! The scam has managed to stay under the radar for a very long time.

The viral marketing has taken its toll on many people. Here is where the majority of AlterCrystal Scam live:

No matter where you live, our recovery experts are there to lend a helping hand in charging back your lost money. Contact us today via Live Chat and book a first consultation absolutely free.

AlterCrystal allows you to perform two types of crypto actions. You can either:

Converting the digital currencies between each other works through a fairly comprehensive terminal, yet so oversimplified, you have to doubt its reliability and safety. 

Judging from the customer testimonials, and from the flimsy appearance of both these applications, it seems that no actual trading can be conducted through AlterCrystal.

All your investments at AlterCrystal are charged, depending on the volume of the trades during a period of one month. Two general types of fees are present:

Depending if you’re a regular or a premium user, the amount you’re taxed with varies. Regular users pay a fee of 0.20 %, while the premium users have it slightly cheaper – 0.14%. 

Other charges that AlterCrystal mentions are the 1% fee for every deposit and withdrawal. That wouldn’t be all that bad if there wasn’t another fee, surrounding withdrawals. Although the website isn’t fully clear on how it is charged, it appears that users have to pay (at the first withdrawal of funds) a tax of 18% of the amount of the total withdrawal.

Those are just the revealed fees and taxes that come from the transfers performed at AlterCrystal. You have to keep in mind that the legal docs say that you automatically agree to pay all the fees the firm charges in case you accept their Terms upon signing up. 

That means that there can come new fees and commissions without being declared prior to charging. And since AlterCrystal doesn’t implement segregated bank accounts, they have access to your funds, and will deduct from your trading account any sum they wish.

The Referral System at Altercrystal functions like your basic run-off-the-mill MLM scheme. A client would advertise the platform to other people, and through using their own personalized referral link, get bonuses for every new customer.

These, in turn, try to attract even more people in the same manner, and a percentage of their own referral gains go to the person who first brought them to the platform. In the end, only the original swindler gets the money. What the others earn through referral is never enough to cover the initial expenses of joining AlterCrystal.

AlterCrystal is an unlicensed Crypto trading scam that uses a couple of strategies to rob their victims blind. One strategy relies on viral marketing to attract people to the site, and the other relies on a referral system which is not unlike a classic Pyramid Scheme.

If this Crypto Trading scam stole your money, we would like to hear your story. We have already resolved a large number of cases just like yours, and helped people recover their money quickly and efficiently. Book a free consultation with our legal experts through the Live Chat on our website for the quickest response.

This is an unregulated exchange platform that deals with crypto currencies. They’re fully anonymous and not known to any financial regulator.

AlterCrystal is a dangerous company that doesn’t have any license or regulation whatsoever. It is an outright scam, and if you have already invested money with, consider contacting our legal advisors in order to begin a chargeback as soon as possible.

Choosing a regulated exchange is always a better option. When in doubt, always check with financial regulatory bodies if a service provider is licensed or not.

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