AllStockNow Review – Fancy Thieves Notorious With Canadian Authorities

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Pretending to be a multi-asset CFD broker, AllStockNow promises a rich asset portfolio, MT5 and well-established investment management scheme. 

All the nonsense aside, their website immediately reveals several red flags that prove the broker’s untrustworthiness. Several blacklists are there as well to confirm all your doubts. 

Please read the following AllStockNow review carefully if you do not wish to fall into this financial trap.    

No particular security measures imposed by Tier 1 regulators exist here, including segregation of funds, negative balance protection and compensation plans. 

They approach their victims with stories about great investment opportunities, and ask for more and more money as time passes. In the end AllStockNow will take everything, and victims never see a single cent returned.

The main website of AllStockNow was put online in late 2022 for the first time. Their agents immediately started to hustle the people from these countries:

The advertised trading platform on AllStockNow is one of the best programs in the industry, MT5. This software features excellent tools including one-click trading, in-depth market analysis and automated trading features.

Too bad it’s just an empty promise when it comes to Many bogus brokers use this sort of false advertisement to appear more appealing to their potential clients.

Besides the advertisement on AllStockNow saying that they offer trading “online foreign exchange trading, stocks, CFD trading, Crypto and related services worldwide”, there is no other information about trading instruments. Since it’s impossible to create an AllStockNow login or access any trading platforms, we couldn’t verify this claim.

There are some analysis charts on one of the websites’ pages, but it’s there just to look fancy and doesn’t reveal much. It’s questionable whether any trades can even take place on, or if it’s just empty promises.

Every AllStockNow account allegedly brings you tools for best strategy execution. Taking a closer look at the features promised quickly makes you think otherwise, though. 

The AllStockNow website is even more suspicious for omitting the package prices and therefore forcing you to get in touch with their scam agents in order to find out the costs:

Trading costs at AllStockNow are confusing at best. The spreads are given in percentages and differ between accounts. Starting values go from 30% up to 50%, which is absurdly expensive. 

Following that is the abnormally high leverage of up to 1:400. Due to its characteristics and chance for huge loss, leverage in developed areas is limited to 1:30 or 1:50. AllStockNow wants to push you straight into high-risk trades.

All other possible fees are not revealed. The broker has chosen to keep these crucial elements a secret, so they can charge them as they wish and at any point. Another regulatory breach related to transparency!

The AllStockNow bonuses range from 30% all the way up to 100% on first deposit. Bonus amounts differ between account types. 

However, the broker doesn’t publish the exact withdrawal conditions. You can expect payout issues due to unfulfilled withdrawal requirements, especially in the form of trading volume conditions. 

In order to prevent the brokers from misusing bonuses for such purposes, more prominent authorities have even banned them. So consider choosing a properly regulated broker that won’t extort money from you under the pretense of unmet bonus conditions.  

If you’re having trouble with AllStockNow payouts, you may rely on our chargeback professionals. Contact us via the live chat, and book your free first consultation today!

With no tradable assets, trading platforms or financial channels, AllStockNow begs the question whether it’s even possible to trade with this faux broker. The firm provides no amenities, and doesn’t even try to advertise any on 

their website.

One thing is certain: AllStockNow is blacklisted by a number of regulators. We don’t doubt for a single second that AllStockNow is a full blown fraud.

Our legal experts are on hand to help you get your money back from these swindlers. Our first consultation is completely free, and you may book it at any time through the live chat.

No. AllStockNow is a blacklisted, illicit broker that doesn’t own any Forex trading license, as several regulators have confirmed in their public alerts.

The amount of expected first deposit with AllStockNow is not known as the broker doesn’t reveal it.

There’s several account types available at AllStockNow: Standard, Professional and Ultimate.

This is yet another concealed information. If you’re having difficulties with withdrawals, contact us immediately for chargeback input.

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