Allpips Review – All You’ll Find Here Is Hypocrisy And Deceitfulness

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A brokerage brand that has nothing of value to offer can only bombard you with claims about their excellence and wide range of services. While the website in question spews lies about guaranteeing access to global markets, you won’t really be able to make a single buck on this trading portal.

Ganged up with AdroFx, which is just as dangerous in their operations, the Allpips scam will first earn your trust and then eat up your deposits.

Fortunately for all traders interested in investing in the mentioned scheme, our Allpips review is here to bring the real truth to light and expose the website for what they truly are – a notorious financial swindler. 

Be sure that your funds with this platform aren’t secured through account segregation or compensation plans and your personal information is subject to misuse. 

The success of any fraudulent operation lies in the swindler’s ability to cover up the truth. Many of these fake sites rely heavily on paid online content to advertise their alleged quality of service.

It involves active commitment of boiler room agents on social dating platforms like Tinder or Badoo, where they pretend to be romantically interested in the victim. After a while, the lovey-dovey narrative inevitably shifts to “future planning”, where the target is urged to make an investment with the fraudulent company in question.

Our web analysis tool determined that most of the traffic comes from these countries:

The Allpips platform is a single, rudimentary web-based terminal. The absence of complex analytical tools and other advanced features is quite obvious, especially when compared to the industry leaders – MT5 and cTrader. 

Furthermore, the distribution is simplified and the interface itself only creates an illusion of a user-friendly layout, when it’s completely defunct in reality. These web software are often heavily manipulated by the illicit service providers for the purpose of money extortion.  

The choice of tradable assets is quite limited, although the portal attempts to fool you into believing hundreds of them are available. Buying and selling options are possible on the following financial products groups:

The dubious broker we’re reviewing refers to AdroFx as their trusted broker and directs you to open a live trading account that takes you to that platform’s client zone. 

From there, you can choose the deposit method, but it isn’t clear which features it brings and their prices. Additionally, you can also use the Allpips copy-trading function from their own user area. 

Demo account comes with a virtual margin of $100,000 but its purpose is questionable because the terminal is still not responding. 

The whole Allpips account making process is all tangled up. You will keep being redirected from one platform to another and it’s utterly frustrating and shady.

The trading costs and Allpips fees are absolutely unacceptable. Spreads on the major Forex pairs like EUR/USD start from 2.6 pips, which is far higher than the industry average. Trading commissions aren’t shown from inside the platform and are not discussed on the site.

What additionally undermines the legitimacy and usefulness of the offer is the fact that the maximum leverage can be 1:500. This is more than ten times higher than the EEA and UK maximum leverage of 1:30. 

With no clear Allpips withdrawal policy, the fraudsters can invent any excuse to deny your payouts. They can bounce you around with their AdroFx partners, and deny any liability.

The situation might seem bleak, but with the assistance of our professionals, they can’t deny your funds forever. Book a free consultation via the live chat today, and start fighting back for your money!

Whoever runs the platform are professionals at ruining your day. The entire operation is well covered up, tangled in a mess of parent companies, affiliates and partners intended to confuse the client. When it comes to payouts, nobody will accept any liability or obligation towards the user, and they will keep shifting the narrative until the victim gives up.

Don’t let this happen to you! No matter how messy the entire situation seems, our professionals are more than experienced with these sorts of frauds. Get in touch with us via the live chat, and use the free first consultation to start your recovery process.

Allpips is an unlicensed company that allegedly provides brokerage and social trading services.

Yes, Allpips scam is using a predatory strategy to abuse their clients’ trust. Contact our legal experts if you need assistance with Allpips chargeback.

Allpips works through boiler room agents to influence potential victims to deposit funds to their platform. The company is illicit, and they never allow any withdrawals to take place.

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