AE Global Link Review – Fraud Going Above And Beyond Just To Scam

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AE Global Link is what you’d call a textbook scam. Although deceptively convincing at first, as soon as you start exploring the website further, you’ll find a number of misleading data and missing crucial points. By that we, of course, mean the regulations that AE Global Link doesn’t seem to own. 

The parent company supposedly running this investment and brokerage scam is AE Global Link Company Limited. The virtually non-existent or better said a ghost firm doesn’t appear anywhere, in no legal register. We could speculate on the origin of suh company, but the truth is still somewhere in between. 

Our AE Global Link review is the collection of search results that our efforts provided. So read it thoroughly, as the actual state of things with this dubious broker is out of reach without a thorough investigation. 

The AE Global Link website provided no starting point for our research. The only hint about the actual broker’s location was the languages option on the site itself. Available languages were Chinese by default, and Japanese and English as two other options. The financial regulatory body in China is the Central Bank of China, and their website has thousands of companies they oversee listed on there. However, AE Global Link is not one of them. 

If AE Global Link was anyhow regulated, they’d have no problem publicly announcing that on their website. But the anonymity and lack of company info clearly suggest that AE Global Link is not a reputable broker and a reliable investment platform. 

Without a license issued by a leading financial institution, AE Global Link cannot be considered safe. Such brokers do not implement segregated bank accounts for safe-keeping of clients’ deposits. Rather, all the company’s funds are stored together with the investments that customers make. That way AE Global Link can access the deposits and misuse them for whatever purposes they like. 

After that, there’s a problem of negative balance insurance and leverage ratio, as some of the major risk-reducing methods. Since AE Global Link doesn’t publish the characteristics of their trading environment, and we weren’t allowed to make an account, we don’t recommend trusting anything at all that this fraud claims. 

AE Global Link has all the fancy words to present to you in order to capture your attention. While the website itself is quite shallow and uninformative, it has just enough baits to make you stop at it and wish to explore. As soon as you make an account or leave your contact information anywhere, be sure you will start getting phone calls that drive anyone crazy.

The thing with the AE Global Link scam is that the website only serves as a front of the complex scheme run by financial swindlers. These boiler room agents are equipped with the best people skills and enough patience to make a saint cry. 

Purposefully calling you tirelessly and feeding you lies, they increase their rate of success. Scam tactics are many. They all have in common the persistence of the scam agents. AE Global Link spammers talk about incredible trading conditions, business investment services and the most precious advice about smart investing. 

Types of scam are many – Crypto Scam, Romance scam, Investment Scam and others. All based on emotional and psychological manipulation of the victim. And all of them lead to the same ultimate outcome – financial ruin. 

Although presumably based in China, AE Global Link doesn’t limit their workings to a single country. They do not filter their victims by the region, as evident from the statistics. The point is to attract as many months to the flame, and devour them financially. According to the number of reports and victim complaints, the fraud seems to be most operational in these countries:

Regardless if you’re a resident in one of the mentioned states or not, you should be very careful if ever approached by a similar-sounding seller. We’ve described their common approach in the previous section of this review, so you know how to recognize it. Nothing overly good sounding is ever true, whether real life or the tough financial world. So contact us for additional advice or help in taking back funds in case of scam.

A flagship. A powerful tool with outstanding performances and additional analytical features and options. That is how AE Global Link speaks of this mysterious platform. 

Not only should you be able to trade just about any financial instruments group you desire, but you will do so with continual success. This magical platform is said to be available on Windows, Mac and all mobile platforms. Let us tell you what we found. 

No existing platform is shown on the website. Not even in the form of screenshots, so abundant on scam sites. Download links aren’t present, and neither is any confirmation that the software actually exists. 

We assume there to be available some basic and utterly useless web terminal from the client area and after registration. But even that is a far cry from what is directly detectable on the site.  

In short, we doubt there are any meticulously customized and highly adjustable trading accounts available at AE Global Link. Otherwise, the broker wouldn’t be so secretive about all of it. We attempted to get more information about the concrete offer, but we didn’t manage to achieve that. The reason is because not just anyone can join this shameless thief of a website. 

You see, AE Global Link will not allow any new accounts to be opened unless you have an invitation code. That means that guys like us, a potential threat to their reputation, are tried to be kept at bay. Only the existing members of the scheme can invite others to join via a special link or code. Perhaps for them, there’s a specially designed offer of the live trading account types. As things are now, it’s impossible for casual site visitors to see that.

It would be quite splendid if AE Global Link could provide the amount of educational materials as they claim to provide. The website has a separate page named Education, and that’s pretty much all related to learning you’ll ever see on there. However, naming one page that way won’t help investors gather the necessary knowledge for lucrative trading. 

AE Global Link claims to have designed courses for players of all expertise levels. The beginner course supposedly helps you learn about the basics. Other two courses relate to the trading tools and Stocks and CFD areas. Advertisements are all we got to see. There were no links leading to these educational resources and while it could be just another members-only feature, we doubt any of it is actually present on the website at all.

AE Global Link has already done some good self-exposing without us even having to dig too deep for the truth. Although the company is fully anonymous and the website owners are incognito scam agents, the website lacks transparency enough to give itself away as a scam. The missing regulation and no license info is dreadful enough to make you stay away from AE Global Link permanently. 

If you’re having trouble with withdrawing your funds from this fraudulent website, please consider getting legal advice. Our first consultation is always free. We’re here to listen and make a strategic plan of action with your help. So let’s talk and figure out how to get to these scammers, start a chargeback and report them to the responsible authorities. 

No. This website is built on lies and fabrications and doesn’t have permission for their conduct from a reputable Tier 1 regulator.

This is something that AE Global Link fails to explicitly state on their website. Apart from the lack of info, new sign ups are not possible without the invitation code, so we couldn’t tell if a Demo account is an option.

Despite how devastating and stressful the experience of scam can feel, please try to remain calm and contact our legal experts team to help you get your funds back successfully.

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