Advantrade Review – Key Features, Disadvantages and Risks

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Advantrade broker claims to be operated by two entities. Those are Topical Wealth International Ltd and ET FinTech. Through these entities, broker claims to guarantee protection. Yet, our investigation shows that none of these are connected to Advantrade brand.

But before you invest money with them you should see something. Most importantly, to understand why not to trust anyone and do your diligence first. For that reason, we present you all the details in this unbiased Advantrade review.

If you compare alleged licenses with FCA, BaFin or ASIC, it’s meaningless. Primarily because none of the funds protection features are guaranteed, starting with negative balance protection and segregated bank accounts. Especially not compensation schemes.

But once you start trading, without trusted regulations many manipulations are possible. Therefore be cautious when trading with offshore brokers. Especially an anonymous one like Advantrade that doesn’t have transparent legal documents. And, if you already had a bad experience contact our chargeback team for assistance.

Advantrade broker is mainly focusing on a couple of countries, mostly ones where the company is not licensed. Examples include: 

But if you are one of those who have a negative experience with this broker, feel free to share it with us. Ultimately, our refund team can advise you about further steps.

According to the company, they are providing proprietary trading apps and MetaTrader 4 & 5. However, access to any of these options is limited. This is not a positive thing for a broker that claims to be regulated.

In fact, the company presents its app on its website. But, to complete the Advantrade login procedure you must download the app first. However, not from a trusted store.

Even though the company claims to offer 5 main classes, that doesn’t mean it’s true. In any case, we strongly recommend you to use Advantrade MT4, if available. As for the tradeable instruments, you can trade: 

Important to realize is that Advantrade broker doesn’t have account type separation. Therefore, everyone gets the same spreads, leverage and fees. Yet, only leverage is revealed while everything else is hidden.

Just bear in mind that trusted and regulated brokers don’t offer leverage higher than 1:50. At the same time, the Advantrade app can give you up to 1:400. As for the spreads, you can get from 0 pips. But that’s rarely that low.

Without a demo account, it’s hard to prove that. Also, the company is not revealing any fees or commissions, which is highly speculative for so-called regulated brokers.

Currently, the company doesn’t offer any bonuses. But without transparent legal documents of this broker, it’s hard to see if they have some hidden policies. Neither one of the entities Advantrade Supplies Pte Ltd documents show anything.

None of the brands or owners, for example, ET FinTech, don’t have any reviews available. Neither do they have transparent withdrawal policies, methods or fees. That tells you enough about their regulation.

In general, you should talk to their regulator first. If that doesn’t help you can go higher instances. But in the end, everyone wants their money back. Because that’s 99% of the time the main problem.

If that’s your reason to file a complaint against Advnatrade, we suggest you contact us. Our specialized refund team can advise you and guide you step-by-step. Most importantly, you can get the first consultation for free. Therefore, get in touch on time.

AdvanTrade is a practically anonymous FX and CFD broker operating only since 2021.

The company offers 5 instruments classes to trade with. Such as forex, commodities, indices, shares and cryptos. But with highly risky conditions.

There is no guaranteed connection between entities and the brand. Consequently, everything is questionable. But if you experience withdrawal problems, don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

In fact, no. The company doesn’t provide a demo account. Neither do they provide insight into their platform at all.

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