9XPROFITS Review – Facts That Could Save You From Slavery

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In the first place, 9XPROFITS firm doesn’t reveal any ownership details. Yet, they claim to be present in the UK, the US and New Zealand. Quite interesting statements considering the industry.

Before we jump to any conclusions, we are reviewing their licensing details and trading conditions. Therefore, to find out if you can trust this broker read this 9XPROFITS review carefully. In the end, bonus tips are waiting for you.

Since this investment firm offers services in highly regulated countries, you would expect them to be licensed. At least by the FCA, BaFin, ASIC or CFTC. However, none of the mentioned databases hold any records of this firm.

As can be seen, the company offers investment plans with fixed returns. Even though those fixed returns are reasonably low, that’s just designed to hide their scam. Practically, a 1.5% daily return is highly possible, but only with a licensed company.

With these swindlers, it only looks like a Ponzi scheme. They will give you virtual credit to make you deposit more and more money. At one point, they will just vanish and you will be left with nothing. If that’s already the case, our refund team is at your disposal for consultation.

For a company that is registered in August 2023, they are pretty quickly exposed. The main reason for this is that they are targeting strictly regulated countries.

In general, there are no public reviews available. So, we encourage you to be the first one to leave a comment about this firm. Especially if you are coming from mainly targeted countries like:

To sum it up, no. The company doesn’t offer dedicated mobile apps for tracking your investments. Nevertheless, they are not reliable in any way. So, the mobile app wouldn’t make so much difference.

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t reveal what assets they are investing in. They are just briefly revealing they are using AI tools for it. Possibly targeted classes, according to their presentation, are:

The account types with 9XPROFITS company are nothing more but a presentation to show you what they want to steal from you. Of course, your investments are trapped with them for 200 days. Anyway, the options are:

What’s surprising is that the firm offers higher daily profit If you have a higher deposit. But think about it for a second. If you know how to make a 1.5% return with $20k you know how to do it with $1k as well. The percentages are the same, regardless of the amount of money. So, don’t fall for the trap.

Practically, investors don’t have any additional fees except for the initial investments. This is quite cheesy if you like. Think about it. You invest $5k and you get a 200% return after 200 days. That’s $20K. The company doesn’t have any fees or commissions. Does it make sense? Hell, no!

Since the company is earning money for you, hypothetically, the bonus is not necessary. Yet, there are tricks that companies are using to make you deposit more money. Luckily, with this company, it’s not needed. Primarily because everything is fictive.

In general, without a transparent withdrawal policy, nothing is possible. After all, we believe that MLM schemes often provide investors with withdrawals of small amounts. Of course, with the end goal to make them deposit more.

As long as that money is coming from other investors, everything is fine. When the chain is broken, the company will vanish and resurrect with a different brand. That’s exactly why you can’t trust these Ponzi schemes anymore.

Since they claim to operate in the UK and the US, there is an easy solution available. If you have any problem, you just report them to the FCA and the SEC and they will be shut down in a couple of months. However, that won’t get you your money back.

For a refund or chargeback strategy, we suggest you talk to our professionals. After all, the first meeting doesn’t cost you anything. Thus, the information provided can’t be valued. Therefore, don’t waste your time and book yours now!

9XPROFITS is an anonymous investment firm operating allegedly from offices registered in the UK, the US and New Zealand.

Without adequate regulations and after a warning from the FMA (NZ) you can definitely consider this company a scam. If you had a negative experience, contact us for refund options.

9XPROFITS operates like a classical Ponzi scheme. They motivate investors to deposit more and more money and provide them with peanuts in return.

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