4Xcenter Review: Anonymous Financial Swindler Lurking for Victims

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Before we move on, we want to point out that 4Xcenter is not legit. You should not trust it with your money, and you should steer clear.

If, however, you need more facts, we’re bringing them into this unbiased 4Xcenter review. We will elaborate on everything and help you get your money back.

Simply put, no. The company is entirely anonymous and didn’t provide us with basic information such as the owner, address, or legal jurisdiction. In addition, their website is missing legal documents, meaning you don’t know the terms of business.

On top, trading terms, such as leverage, are hidden. Since leverage is multiplying your ability to earn but also to lose, not knowing such crucial details can lead to significant monetary damage. Therefore, there’s nothing we can say that would indicate that 4Xcenter is in any way trustworthy or legitimate.

There are several ways for brokers to defraud their clients. However, everything starts from the first contact, usually on social media. Companies with nothing else to offer promise their customers thousands of dollars overnight and magical trading bots if they only invest as little as $250.

Of course, once you’re lured in, you will be constantly asked for more money. Agents calling themselves account managers will try their best to sell you the financial plan of your dreams and wipe off your entire bank account or a crypto wallet.

Once they’re done, you can be absolutely sure that 4Xcenter support will stop responding, and your phone, email, and WhatsApp will suddenly be silent.

According to their traffic analysis, the majority of victims of the 4Xcenter scam come from:

Unlike most fraudulent brokers, 4Xcenter has a pretty poor website. They didn’t even put any effort into providing you with the information to deceive you. We assume they left it for their sales agents.

Therefore, the site presentation doesn’t mention a trading platform whatsoever. Once we registered, we got access to a basic WebTrader. Usually, browser-based solutions don’t have any special features such as EAs and social trading. This proved to be true with the 4Xcenter trading platform as well.

This is why we always advise retail traders to pick regulated brokers with platforms such as MT4, MT5, or cTrader. In addition to higher functionality, you’re getting increased fund safety and access to mobile apps for easier login.

 The range of trading instruments is not quite as big. Namely, you can access five asset classes:

However, the number of assets in each class is quite unimpressive. Not to mention a lack of a license to offer any trading in the first place.

Of course, the site didn’t bother to provide sufficient information. Therefore, we know nothing about leverage or trading terms. Will you have to pay for high spreads and swaps? How much is the broker commission? Pay and see seems to be the rule.

We’d love to tell you this, but the broker doesn’t offer any account types. We don’t even know what the minimum deposit is to start trading. All the website says is that you have to make an initial deposit, set up an account, and get access to the platform.

In addition, no Demo account would enable us to check some facts. All in all, you can try and contact 4Xcenter for answers, but they will probably insist that you deposit on the spot. Besides, the only way to get in touch is via email and web form, meaning you don’t have direct means of communication. You can send a request and hope to get an answer.

The list of available payment options is as follows:

However, without a Withdrawal Policy, we don’t know any terms. We know nothing about the fees or other deductions. We also don’t know how long it will take for the broker to process your request.

If you experience any trouble, ensure you contact the company and save their response for later. You will need it to start the legal process.

If you fall victim to 4Xcenter or any similar financial swindler, you must immediately contact the authorities and your bank. Depending on your payment method, you may be able to file a dispute for a chargeback.

In case you transferred digital coins, you can get in touch with Global Fraud Protection. Our CipherTrace crypto analysts can help you track and trace your digital coins and find the final destination for your crypto. Then, we will help you prepare a detailed report requesting reimbursement.

It’s not all lost. Book a free, non-obligatory consultation, and we’ll be here to help you today!

4Xcenter is an unregulated financial swindler to avoid. Let us know if you already deposited your money with this firm immediately.

4Xcenter doesn’t mention how much you need to deposit to start trading.

You can trade crypto and other CFDs, such as shares and commodities, but we advise against it.

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